Social Metrics API and Metric Webservice

Social Metrics offers an API and Webservice to retrieve like and share count for web pages. You can use the JSON API and a predefined jQuery Plugin.

Use SocialMetrics jQuery Plugin

First include the Social Metrics javascript code:
<script src="//"></script>
Create a container with metrics inside. Please provide the url to check with the data-url attribute. Add the classes socialmetrics-facebook, socialmetrics-twitter and socialmetrics-gplus to the nodes that needs to show the metrics. It's important to name the nodes exactly like this.
<div class="socialmetrics" data-url="">
  Facebook: <span class="socialmetrics-facebook">0</span><br/>
  Twitter: <span class="socialmetrics-twitter">0</span><br/>
  G+: <span class="socialmetrics-gplus">0</span><br/>
  Overall Shares: <span class="socialmetrics-overall">0</span><br/>
Then just add the Social Metrics to the defined containers.


Facebook: 0
Twitter: 0
G+: 0
Overall Shares: 0

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